Estate Planning

Estate planning involves drafting wills, setting up trusts, appointing power of attorney and more so that an individual’s affairs will be in order after their death. Estate planning is necessary for anyone to have a say in what happens to their estate after their death.

Bankruptcy law chapter 7&13

Bankruptcy law assists individuals and businesses in figuring out their financial situation after intense losses. This can include helping them set up a payment plan for their debts or getting the debts erased.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy allows an individual to liquidate their assets and settle or discharge their debts.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy allows an individual with a steady income an additional amount of time to repay what they owe.

Family Law

Family law focuses on family issues such as adoption, divorce, and custody. Family law is a broad practice area and can also include issues such as emancipation, paternity, and other non-divorce  related topics.